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Wedding Services

Ron Moor has been working with individuals and couples for over 30 years to create ceremonies to celebrate life’s important milestones. As an ordained interfaith minister, Ron is uniquely qualified to perform a ceremony that is customized for your spiritual needs and preferences.

Every couple is unique, and their wedding should be a reflection of who they are, celebrated in a manner they choose. Ron has more than 3 decades of experience in helping couples plan their wedding ceremony. Drawing upon years of study in spiritual traditions including Mystic Christianity, the Tao, Ancient Wisdom Traditions, and American Indian Spirituality, Ron is practiced in many styles of wedding ceremonies and is comfortable performing your ceremony in the venue of your choice, be it a formal church, a backyard, or a meaningful place in nature.

Ron has proudly been performing commitment ceremonies for GLBT couples for years and is now joyfully performing GLBT weddings instead. Ron treats all couples with the dignity and respect they deserve, and happily provides ministerial services in an environment free from judgment.


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Memorial Services


There are as many ways to remember those who have moved on as there are people. Ron will work with you to create a dignified remembrance reflecting that person’s unique personality and legacy as well as your wishes in honoring your loved one.

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