About Ron Moor


I have been studying, practicing, and offering hands-on energy healing for 37 years. I have worked with thousands of clients across the country and taught classes to hundreds of students. While I have taught and created a number of hands-on energy techniques, the most important technique is what you, the client, is most in need of when you place yourself on my healing table.

Tuning into your being, walking with you in your process, this is a partnership that takes us into that dimension of healing that often transcends normal time and space. You will be gently, reverently touched, you will feel energy moving through you as you release stress and open to a flow of nurturing life force. 

Among the teachers I have been fortunate to be mentored by are Rosalyn Bruyere, Joseph Campbell, Carl Rogers, Heyemeyohsts Storm and Linda Tellington-Jones. It will be my privilege to work with you during this chapter of your healing journey.