Energy Healing Sessions

“A filling, flowing, gently powerful energy. Pain and stress melted away,” is how one person described her experience of a hands-on energy healing session with Ron.

“Like warm water through a sponge,” is how another felt.

Tuning in, gently touching, working in harmony with your own inner being, Ron’s healing sessions are a dance with the Sacred, joining you with the renewing energies of creation.

Private healing sessions with Ron. It will be my privilege to work with you during this chapter of your healing journey:  

Monday and Tuesday 10:AM – 5PM,
Wednesday 2:00PM – 6:00PM,
Thursday 10 – 5:00PM

All sessions in Room 302  (Third Floor), Thiensville Health Alliance.

To schedule a session, contact Ron by clicking the Online Appointments button on the left, or using the Contact Form.

Basic Fees.

Sessions are  30 minutes for $50,  

60 minutes for $100  

or 90 minutes for $150. 

New? Your first session is 50% off


Cash or Check please.

All sessions include leading edge BEMER technology

Online Appointments