Drumming from the Heart


With Ron Moor, Sandra Zahn

 Thiensville Health Alliance, 136 N Main St. Third Floor
Saturday April 20, 7:00 – 8:45 PM 

Drumming feeds our soul

Drumming, chanting, dancing and ceremony helps free us and call forth our indigenous, natural self. 

The perfect tones of the handmade singing bowls and gongs will align us with Creation, the beings of Creation and the source of All. 

Celebrating, honoring the full moons, equinoxes, solstices and seasons aligns us with the natural rhythm of Creation, with our own Earth Bodies.

 Our gatherings are facilitated by Ron Moor who walked the Red Road of the Beauty Way for almost 40 years. He was mentored by Heyemeyohsts Storm, Swan Storm, Mary Elizabeth Thunder, Rosalyn R. Bruyere and with Lakota Medicine Man, Basil Braveheart. He is a sanctioned carrier of the sacred medicine pipe. Sandra Zahn is an award winning artist, Art Therapist and educator who has consulted with schools, colleges, social service agencies, churches and 44 American Indian tribes across this nation. 


Fee is $15 - $25 Please call Ron at 952-929-1559 to register by April 19.

 If you can’t, last minute attendees are welcome. 

 Honor and heal your natural, indigenous self with the community of drums led by the Mother Drum. In a safe, supportive environment, find your sacred voice and perhaps your own sacred dance.