The Way of Knowing

The Mysteries

The Mysteries

Second Friday School of The Mysteries with RON MOOR at Thiensville Health Alliance, begins 2/8/19

This February, Ron Moor begins a new series of presentations called The Way of Knowing. He will trace the arc of human spiritual evolution from the high culture of the Paleolithic shamans to our time, and beyond. Each Second Friday will be informational and experiential.

February 8, First Presentation, The Earth Mysteries of the Great Mother - The first World Religion

The first presentation is Friday evening, February 8. Entitled The Earth Mysteries of the Great Mother - The First World Religion. For tens of thousands of years humanity worshiped and lived with the Great Mother Creator. Also known as the era of the Shaman, we will explore this deep earth centered spirituality that still lives in the core of our psyches, touching into this deep level of consciousness. With luminous images, sacred chanting and guided meditation. Meets 7:00 - 8:45PM. Contribution $10 - 20.

March 8: Our Shamanic Legacy

March 8: Our Shamanic Legacy - A Journey Into the Caves of Initiation. We enter into the wondrous temple caves for an experiential glimpse of the initiation ceremonies that occurred in them. These ceremonies continued for thousands of years and were the precursors of the mystery schools of the classic era.

April 12: The Easter Mysteries - The Universal Mysteries of Spring

May 10: The Temple Mysteries - The Goddess and the First Great Civilizations.

June 14: The Egyptian Mysteries - The Dying and Resurrected God.

While each Second Friday stands alone, attending the series will guide you through the many levels of human spiritual consciousness, accessing and renewing so that we might better participate in this time of transformation. We are all being called to play our part.

For more information contact: Ron Moor 952-929-1559 

Third floor community room, Thiensville Health Alliance, 136 N. Main Street, Thiensville

No advanced registration required. Attend when you can. 7:00 - 8:45PM. Contribution $10 - 20.